Words And Phrases That Should Be Banished In 2023

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Tired of words and phrases you heard too many times in 2022? Lake Superior State University has released its annual list of phrases that should be banished in the new year, catching the attention of CNN and word nerds everywhere. These linguistic annoyances range from everyone's favorite (or least favorite) acronym "G.O.A.T." to the shoulder-shrugging phrase “It is what it is." These terms and phrases are in heavy use, but imagine a world in which everybody stopped using them this year.

Vote up the phrases you want to see out of the lexicon. Vote down the ones you don't think need to be retired from heavy use.

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    Straight-up not a word. Frequently used in place of “regardless,” which is a word.

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    An acronym standing for “Greatest Of All Time.”

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    A way to manipulate someone into questioning themselves by distorting their idea of reality. Has been overused to mean, essentially, “lying.”

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    Quiet Quitting

    Describes an employee who does the bare minimum work required by their job title so as not to be officially let go or actually resign.

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    It Is What It Is

    A phrase that offers an excuse not to deal with potentially less-than-ideal circumstances.

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    Moving Forward

    To make progress or to modernize, often used after unpleasant, avoidable situations.