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Piano: list of all the most popular musical instruments in this family. Any well-known instrument in the Piano instruments family is included along with photos when available. This list has a variety of items in it, from Player piano to Square piano. (6 items)
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Barrel piano

A barrel piano is a forerunner of the modern player piano. Unlike the pneumatic player piano, a barrel piano is usually powered by turning a hand crank, though coin operated models powered by clockwork were used to provide music in establishments such as pubs and caf├ęs. Barrel pianos were popular with street musicians, who sought novel instruments that were also highly portable. They are frequently confused with barrel organs, but are quite different instruments. ...more on Wikipedia

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Grand piano

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Player piano

A player piano is a self-playing piano, containing a pneumatic or electro-mechanical mechanism that operates the piano action via pre-programmed music recorded on perforated paper, or in rare instances, metallic rolls, with more modern implementations using MIDI encoded music stored on floppy disks or CDs. The rise of the player piano grew with the rise of the mass-produced piano for the home in the late 19th and early 20th century. Sales peaked in 1924, then declined as the improvement in phonograph recordings due to electrical recording methods developed in the mid-1920s. The advent of electrical amplification in home music reproduction via radio in the same period helped cause their ...more on Wikipedia

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Silent piano

A silent piano is an acoustic piano where there is an option to silence the strings by stopping the hammers from striking them. A silent piano is designed for private silent practice. In the silent mode, sensors pick up the piano key movement, converting it to a MIDI signal that can be sent to an electronic sound module, allowing the person playing to utilize headphones. The pianos also have full MIDI capability for sending signals and can be linked to a computer for use with notation software, etc. ...more on Wikipedia

Family: Piano