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Easter Eggs And References From 'Star Trek: Picard' That Are Futile To Resist

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CBS All Access' Star Trek: Picard is a return to order for many Star Trek fans. The series is successful in moving forward in the Star Trek universe while recalling storylines, characters, and plot points from previous episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, much to the delight of Trekkies everywhere. 

From references to Data's original daughter to glimpses of relics from previous episodes from over 30 years ago, Picard is a treasure trove of Easter eggs. Here is a rundown of a few of the eggs throughout Picard that reference previous series, episodes, and movies. 


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    Dr. Bruce Maddox

    When audiences are first introduced to Commander Bruce Maddox, it was not under the best circumstances. He was the only person to object to Data's entry into Starfleet Academy, and later, he wanted to disassemble the beloved Enterprise crew member in an attempt to reverse engineer the android. 

    Data found Maddox's proposal flawed and worried that any meddling by Maddox might result in irreparable damage. This opened up the argument of whether Data is a sentient being or a possession of the Federation ("Measure of a Man")

    After a trial in which Capt. Picard defended Data, the commander was denied the opportunity to "study" Data. He later moved to Daystrom Institute's Division of Advanced Synthetic Research where he hoped to continue the work of Dr. Soong, Data's creator. 

    Data harbored no ill-will towards Maddox, the two later becoming pen pals and kept tabs on each other's careers. 

    In the first episode of Star Trek: Picard, it is discovered that Maddox recruited Dr. Agnes Jurati to help him work on his ideas regarding fractal neuronic cloning.

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  • During Jean-Luc Picard's visit to Starfleet’s Quantum Archive, Lieutenant Commander Worf's preferred weapon of choice is visible for just a moment. 

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    An early version of Data that was constructed by his creator Dr. Noonian Soong on Omicron Theta during the 2330s. Built before Data or his evil twin Lore, B-4 lacks the positronic brain that made his "brothers" function. Due to this, B-4 had issues processing information. 

    Prior to Data's demise in Star Trek: Nemesis, the android attempt to give his brother his memories to help him become a sentient being. But alas, B-4 was unable to assimilate the information. 

    In Star Trek: Picard, due to the Mar's Uprising and the general contempt for synthetic humans, B-4 remains dissembled.

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    Data's Love For Painting

    As part of his endeavor to become more human, Commander Data often picked up human hobbies to feed his need to create. Although the android attempts poetry, sculpting, music, and acting, it appears his favorite hobby was painting.

    From images of the ship to self portraits, painting is a hobby that Data enjoys and employs throughout the run of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

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