28 Snapshots Of Daily Life In Pyongyang, North Korea

If you've ever wondered what life in North Korea looks like, the following pictures from the country's capital, Pyongyang, provide actual snapshots into the lives of urban North Koreans. Though the age of smartphones usually allows for maximum documentation, Pyongyang photos remain difficult to find given the country's self-imposed isolation and a citizen population largely unaware of the outside world. In fact, the only real consistent photos of life in North Korea usually revolve around its dictator, Kim Jong Un, who maintains a state of practical godliness over his people.

Foreigners visiting North Korea are highly restricted in terms of where they are allowed to go and what they are allowed to take pictures of. Thus, even visiting the country doesn't provide the entire story. But many of the following photos taken by more bold and daring photographers show an attempt to depict the real Pyongyang, thereby giving the outside world a small idea of what life is like in North Korea.