18 Wonderful Pictures of Animals in Action

Animals in the wild are really quite something. They are often on the move, going about awesome animal business. The photos on this list have captured these wild creatures just doing their thing - being animals in action, whatever that means for them.

Maybe it means two giraffes, settling a score by fighting. They do this by swinging their necks around; it's very cool to watch. Animals in motion might also be a bear trying to catch some salmon to take home for dinner. It could also mean two puppies playing. Animals and pets do lots of stuff, and a whole bunch of it is capture in the pictures of animals you'll find right here.

What do animals do in their spare time? Pigs like to paddle through the water. Tigers like to bare their teeth. Even dogs do stuff like leap over fences. Also, ostriches can run. Isn't the animal kingdom full of surprises?

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