Amazing Photos Of Your Favorite Disney Rides Under Construction

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These photos illustrate how much work really went into the happiest place on earth. Walt Disney wasn't just a visionary; he was a pioneer for an industry that didn't even really exist yet. His idea to build a park where you can go on rides, take your kids, and meet your favorite characters was one-of-a-kind.

Disney wanted people to really get his vision, so he put extra time into every single detail of the park. He oversaw the creation of the hand-made horses on the carousel, and supervised the final products himself. He met with contractors about the details of each and every single thing he could.

This is a photo history of Disney rides being built, featuring pictures of Main Street, classics like the Jungle Cruise, and even snapshots of Walt Disney himself surveying his eventual magic kingdom. You're bound to learn a Disney secret or two about your favorite attractions. Photos of the first Disney park's construction show you not only how little there was at the beginning, but how different everything looked. If you go to Anaheim anywhere near Disneyland today, the park has taken over the immediate area. But back then, when all the Disney rides were being made, it was just a place 20 miles south of Burbank. And this is where it all started.