The Most Breathtaking Pictures of Earth from Space

If ever you want a surefire way to calm your nerves on those days when life's problems seem all-encompassing, wait until nighttime rolls around and head outside for a nice peek up at the stars. When's the last time you were disappointed by looking at the sky? Or by looking at pictures of the Earth from space, even? We may never know all there is to know about space, about we can definitely admire, learn, and be inspired by checking out the view of Earth from space. 

Sometimes in the process of juggling things like work, school, family, and friends, it’s easy to forget how big the universe is and how small life’s struggles really are in the grand scheme of things. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of stunning pictures of Earth from space, taken by NASA satellites and astronauts alike. Here you’ll see Earth through the eyes of the stars as you check out aerial views of our planet from space.

Come on in and enjoy being part of a moment in history when it’s not only possible for humans to explore space, but to bring back pictures for those of us who aren’t quite ready to hop on the rocket. Now you can see the beauty of the Earth in a whole new light without so much as a trip to space camp. So without further ado, vote up the most amazing Earth pictures from space and let the Earth gazing begin!