23 History-Filled Bars And Pubs Where Famous Writers Hung Out

Hanging out in bars where writers hung out has become a popular trend over the years. People (especially aspiring writers) want to sit where Kerouac sat, drink what Lord Byron drank, and then pass out like Dylan Thomas. There are even organized literary pub crawls in some areas for those who want to make a whole Hemingway-style night of it.

Famous writers' favorite drinks range from straight whiskey to frozen daiquiris, and it’s no secret that some of the greatest writers have been inspired while socializing or people watching in a pub. Many have even penned their best works while completely (or mostly intoxicated), hunkered down at a table in one of the many famous literary pubs across the world. This list contains some of the most popular bars, pubs, and cafes where famous writers were known to frequent.