Pictures Of Rural Life In North Korea

These photos from rural North Korea are miles away from the Pyongyang pictures with which you may already be familiar. In fact, this is probably the closest you'll ever come to visiting the agrarian fields of the Hermit Kingdom. They're simply rural North Korean pictures, yes, but they allow you to see what daily life in North Korean is really like. They offer a unique perspective your average hyperbolic, panic-inducing nightly news update could never provide.

Even if the leaders of North Korea and the United States don't turn vast swaths of their respective nations in apocalyptic hellscapes of ash and nuclear fallout, the more remote parts of the most isolated and secretive nation on Earth aren't exactly tourist hotspots. Just as even some of the most intrepid travelers must make peace with only seeing outrageous North Korean propaganda posters online, so too must you accept that this is probably your only alternative to getting that elusive North Korea stamp on your passport.

Photo: user uploaded image