Bone-Chilling Pictures That Might Prove Slenderman Is More Than Just An Internet Legend

Imagine: three young, seemingly normal girls who'd regularly have sleepovers and tell stories about their favorite (possibly fictional) figure. He's purported to be tall and thin with impossibly long arms — sometimes many-armed — and dons a suit while he skulks about the woods helping lost children find their way...somewhere. The stories and what they deemed photographic proof of Slenderman fueled their fantasy of meeting him in real life.

Then, the three decided to take to the woods in search of Slenderman — but one wasn't privy to the plans of the other two: the two two conspiring teens stabbed their unsuspecting "friend" 19 times, killing her in cold blood. Their reason? To please Slenderman and gain access to his hidden mansion.

Who is this Slenderman and why is he so alluring to youth, yet so elusive to others? Why is there such an abundance of drawings and artfully created photographs of Slenderman? Whatever the cause, pics of Slenderman can be found throughout the world in generations old and new. Is he just an urban legend? Not if there are actual pictures, real photos to serve as evidence that he exists, which is exactly where we're going with this. So without further ado: photographs that prove Slenderman is real.