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Horrifying Spiders Eating Things They Shouldn't And Freaking Us Out

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There's nothing more horrifying than spiders, and scary spider photos seem to only exist to give us nightmares. We'll never know why people choose to take pictures of these disturbing creatures, but the photos they've captured are enough to make a grown man cry. But while spiders are just inherently gross and creepy, pictures of spiders eating big things take arachnophobia to a whole new level.

Spiders shouldn't be able to eat animals bigger than they are, but the internet has revealed that many spiders are punching way above their weight class when it comes to their prey. Even other predators aren't safe from these demonic arachnids. These disturbing pictures prove that spiders are skilled hunters that are as fearless as we are afraid of them. They can be lurking around any corner, ready to surprise you with their fangs and spindly legs. Whether you're a mammal, bird, insect, or reptile, no one is safe from these freaky spiders.