Pictures Of The Stranger Things Cast Hanging Out Off Camera

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By now you've doubtless seen pictures of the Stranger Things cast splashed across everything from promos to billboards, as the show continues to take Netflix and the world by storm. It can be easy to forget however, that the kids from Stranger Things are, well, kids. Here you'll get a few glimpses of what happens after the cameras stop rolling on this spooky sci-fi show via these adorable pictures of the Stranger Things kids hanging out.

As you'll see, the cast of Stranger Things are no strangers to social media and love sharing fun shots of all the buddies they've made while working. The show has millions of fans and the cast is happy to share their lives with their followers. Here you'll see everything from behind the scenes pictures from Stranger Things to photos of the cast hanging out together off set. 

So come on in and get a look into the lives of the incredibly talented young actors behind your favorite characters on Netflix's most binge-worthy show to date.