VOTE The Solar Eclipse Has Created A Traffic Jam Apocalypse All Across The Country  

Mick Jacobs
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The 2017 solar eclipse came and went, but its presence still remains in the form of traffic jams caused by the eclipse. As people swarmed to areas where the sun fell fully in line with the moon, an unforeseen onslaught of eclipse-related traffic coagulated along freeways throughout the country. In especially popular spots, such as Oregon, Wyoming, and Idaho, joyrides that normally take two minutes balloon into at least two hours of stop-and-go traffic. Now, eclipse traffic jams lay in wait for unsuspecting travelers all over the states, leading to many an accident for those who failed to brace themselves for it.

The photos of eclipse traffic below depict sprawling lines of cars and traffic, congesting not just freeways but country and suburban roads as well. Now, as eclipse gatherers leave to head back to their mundane, perhaps astrologically dictated lives, a final struggle lays in their way. All these hours of traffic for just a few minutes of totality. Hope it was worth it!

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Eclipse Traffic In Indiana

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And It's Not Even 5 AM

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Stop And Go In Idaho

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When A Two-Minute Drive Takes Two Hours


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