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Photos And Videos Some Claim Contain Werewolves

Updated 10 Oct 2019 686.9k views11 items

Photos of werewolves remain considerably rarer than photos of many other supernatural phenomena. Werewolves, by nature, come equipped with all the smarts of a human coupled alongside the primal power of a wolf. Given their nature as outdoor beings, wolfmen remove themselves from urban society's eyes, living in the shadows of forests and the wilderness. Depending on your preferred mythology, they might be entirely indistinguishable from your everyday canis lupus. As if the history of lycanthropes wasn't scary enough, images of werewolves now makes their existence even more believable.

But speculation is no fun; you want real, solid proof of werewolves, and these photographs, while not entirely conclusive, do show pretty suspicious figures. You'll never know for certain what's going on with these supposed werewolves caught on film, but they're compelling evidence that shapeshifters aren't as fictional as people may think. 

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