Photos And Videos Some Claim Contain Werewolves

Photos of werewolves remain considerably rarer than photos of many other supernatural phenomena. Werewolves, by nature, come equipped with all the smarts of a human coupled alongside the primal power of a wolf. Given their nature as outdoor beings, wolfmen remove themselves from urban society's eyes, living in the shadows of forests and the wilderness. Depending on your preferred mythology, they might be entirely indistinguishable from your everyday canis lupus. As if the history of lycanthropes wasn't scary enough, images of werewolves now makes their existence even more believable.

But speculation is no fun; you want real, solid proof of werewolves, and these photographs, while not entirely conclusive, do show pretty suspicious figures. You'll never know for certain what's going on with these supposed werewolves caught on film, but they're compelling evidence that shapeshifters aren't as fictional as people may think. 

  • This Photo Claims To Show A Dead Werewolf

    While some believe this to be a bear or just your average everyday wolf, the carcass gives off something particularly werewolf-y with its patchy fur, rounded chest, and splayed limbs. 

  • A Werewolf Stalks A Garden In Brazil

    A Werewolf Stalks A Garden In Brazil
    Video: YouTube

    This video supposedly shows a werewolf in a garden in Brazil. Though its movements and appearance look more apelike than canine, it’s said that there are no apes in that area with a similar appearance. If not an ape, then what could it be?

  • Another Brazilian Werewolf Caught On CCTV

    This photograph, reportedly a still from CCTV footage in Brazil, appears to show a wolf-like creature standing on two legs. Though grainy and hard to determine what exactly it is, the figure sports bent hind legs that definitely don't look human.

  • Yet Another Dead Werewolf Found In Brazil

    Yet another specimen from Brazil, this photo allegedly shows a dead werewolf found after a series of attacks by a wolf or dog-man. Discovered by locals, the body disappeared before a formal investigation was ever opened, leading many to think a coverup occurred in this instance.

  • Documentary Footage Reportedly Shows Dead Werewolf From World War II

    This German film appears to show soldiers from World War II standing around a dead werewolf.

  • The California Werewolf Appears To Leap Down A Hill Four Minutes Into This Video

    The California Werewolf Appears To Leap Down A Hill Four Minutes Into This Video
    Video: YouTube

    This strange video, part of a documentary on the California Werewolf, reportedly shows a werewolf jumping down a hill at a camper. Captured in Fresno, it gives credence to a possible group of legendary lycanthropes in the area.