Weirdly Interesting 21+ Insanely Fascinating Pics From This Year's Small World Competition  

Eric Vega
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This year marked the seventh consecutive Nikon Small World in Motion Photomicrography Competition, an annual contest all about capturing the microscopic world on camera. Nikon is known for their spectacular photo contests, and this one is no exception. The submissions are an amazing collecting of both aesthetically and scientifically significant videos, all of which illuminate some of the mysteries of the microverse. 

This year's Small World In Motion competition featured some extraordinary videos of ordinary things, including an epic time lapse of a root growing and a weirdly hypnotic video of sweat on a fingerprint. The 2017 winners of Nikon's Small World Competition consist of an Austrian scientist, two Japanese filmmakers, and a host of other people from all corners of the globe. Dr. Daniel von Wangenheim took home the first place award for his root growth time lapse, but every single one of these videos is absolutely breathtaking.

What do you think? Did Nikon pick the most worthy winner, or did they miss the mark?

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A Growing Root

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Dr. Daniel von Wangenheim - Live-tracking of a growing root tip of Arabidopsis thaliana, over a period of 17 hours

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Sweat On A Fingertip

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Tsutomu Tomita & Shun Miyazaki - Perspiration on a human fingertip

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Inside A Mouse

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Dr. Satoshi Nishimura - Leukocyte accumulations and platelet aggregations after endothelium injuries, in a living mouse

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Firefly Light

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Steven G. Cook - Photinus pyralis (firefly) abdomen