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Facts About Pigeons - A Bird That, Despite Being Universally Hated, Is Actually Pretty Incredible

Updated 14 May 2020 4.3k views10 items

Despite being called "rats with wings," there are reasons why pigeons are awesome and smarter than most of us realize. 

Pigeons are one of the first birds to be adapted to domesticity by man and have lived alongside us for centuries. The pigeons we see every day are not the birds that were native to North America (those were made extinct long ago due to hunting practices). Those we see in our parks or on ledges today are descendants of pigeons brought to America from Europe in the 1600s that used to roost on sea cliffs. Over time, however, their intellect, speed, and general acumen helped them to survive in cities everywhere as they expanded - and, oh, how they thrive!

The pigeon we know today is one high functioning bird. Space and time? They understand it. Reading? It's on their radar. Saving lives? Been there, done that. Delivering imperative war time messages? They have you covered. The pigeon - despite being much maligned over the centuries - is more than just a dirty pest. Instead of shooing them away next time you see them, give them the respect they deserve - and a little bit of feed wouldn't hurt, either. 

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