Graveyard Shift Pilot Captures Terrifying Moment Plane Is Forced To Crash-Land  

Mick Jacobs

Holiday travel always stresses everybody out, but not nearly as much as this pilot's story. In the video below, one pilot captured an emergency landing made on the way to a Thanksgiving reunion.

Flying from Virginia Beach to Birmingham, Alabama with his son and girlfriend, the pilot enjoyed about three hours of steady travel until something "popped" in his engine. When smoke started billowing, he knew he was in trouble.

Despite this undoubtedly stressful situation, the pilot kept his cool and managed to capture his emergency landing all the way up to the point the plane hit the ground.

Thankfully, the pilot and his passengers made it out safely, avoiding what was almost a holiday tragedy. Watch the video below and consider whether or not you want to fly next holidays season. Maybe a bus or train will be better...