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The Strange And Elaborate Backstory Of Pinhead From 'Hellraiser'

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Pinhead has dished out his own brand of BDSM judgement throughout 10 films, two books, and a series of comics, each building the story behind Hellraiser. For those of you who need to have your memory jogged, Pinhead, or “The Hell Priest,” is a Cenobite who straddles our dimension and his own world of pain and pleasure. Whenever someone is depraved enough to find their way to this demon, he and his crew appear out of the walls to torture their unsuspecting victims for eternity.

When audiences saw the first film in Clive Barker’s series, they were immediately enthralled by Pinhead. Not only were his features both disgusting and tantalizing, but he didn’t behave the same way that Jason or Freddy did. Pinhead was a villain as disturbing as he was inventive. This demon had a secret, and fans craved more Pinhead backstory. And know, we finally know what happened to make him such an intense creature. 

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