A Complete Timeline Of P!nk And Carey Hart's Relationship

Everyone knows P!nk is an awesome rocker, but she's a pretty amazing spouse, too. The relationship between P!nk and her husband, motorcyclist Carey Hart, is proof a high-profile show business marriage can work. Refreshingly, both P!nk and Hart have been fearless and forthcoming in their discussion of marriage and the challenging work involved in keeping it healthy. Neither is interested in painting a rosy picture of a fairytale Hollywood union. The couple understands marriage takes commitment, patience, and compassion.

P!nk and Hart, also the parents of two children, have learned some relationship lessons the hard way, in the glare of the public spotlight. However, they are willing to discuss their triumphs and travails honestly and openly in the media. 

If you've ever wondered how P!nk and Carey Hart first met, or how they've managed to last as a celebrity couple, this relationship timeline provides a handy recap of their highs and lows over the years.