A Complete Timeline Of P!nk And Carey Hart's Relationship
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A Complete Timeline Of P!nk And Carey Hart's Relationship

Everyone knows P!nk is an awesome rocker, but she's a pretty amazing spouse, too. The relationship between P!nk and her husband, motorcyclist Carey Hart, is proof a high-profile show business marriage can work. Refreshingly, both P!nk and Hart have been fearless and forthcoming in their discussion of marriage and the challenging work involved in keeping it healthy. Neither is interested in painting a rosy picture of a fairytale Hollywood union. The couple understands marriage takes commitment, patience, and compassion.

P!nk and Hart, also the parents of two children, have learned some relationship lessons the hard way, in the glare of the public spotlight. However, they are willing to discuss their triumphs and travails honestly and openly in the media. 

If you've ever wondered how P!nk and Carey Hart first met, or how they've managed to last as a celebrity couple, this relationship timeline provides a handy recap of their highs and lows over the years.

  • 2001: They Met At The Summer X Games

    2001: They Met At The Summer X Games
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    The X Games, ESPN's annual extreme sports event, attracts numerous daredevil competitors and adrenaline enthusiasts from all over the world. P!nk met Carey Hart, then a professional motocross racer, at the 2001 Summer X Games.

    P!nk admits it was Hart's bad-boy image - he's covered in tattoos and has sported wild hairstyles over the years - that first attracted her. But the reality of dating a motorcycle rider soon set in. "After you spend a couple of nights in the hospital with him when he's broken, the excitement wears off," she told USA Today.

  • 2003: They Broke Up

    2003: They Broke Up
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    Fast-forward to 2003: P!nk and Hart temporarily called it quits. This was the first of two breathers the couple has taken in their relationship so far, with this initial split occurring before their marriage.  

    "We take breaks," P!nk later admitted to Ellen DeGeneres. "The first one was about a year."

  • 2004: They Reunited

    2004: They Reunited
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    At some point in 2004, P!nk and Hart got back together. The couple didn't release any details on what made them split the year before, or what made them decide to give things another try. 

    The pace of their relationship picked up soon after and things quickly got serious. 

  • 2005: They Got Engaged

    2005: They Got Engaged
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    In 2005, P!nk popped the question. During one of Hart's motocross competitions in Mammoth, CA, she was assisting on the track. As he entered the third lap, P!nk held up a sign reading, "Will you marry me?"

    Hart didn't stop, so P!nk quickly scrawled the word "Serious!" on the bottom of the sign. The revised sign got Hart's attention. He stopped his bike... and said yes.

  • 2006: They Married In Costa Rica

    2006: They Married In Costa Rica
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    Six months after their engagement, P!nk and Hart got married in Costa Rica. The two said "I do" at sunset in front of about 100 guests on an isolated beach near the Four Seasons hotel. A non-denominational officiant performed the ceremony.

    The bride walked down the aisle barefoot to Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman." During her vows, P!nk reportedly said, "I love you because I let you hold my heart, and you haven't broken it."

  • 2008: They Separated

    2008: They Separated
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    P!nk and Hart formally separated in 2008. The singer posted about the split on her website and stated it was not about "cheating, anger or fighting." She sang about the breakup in her song "So What," which includes the lines:

    Guess I just lost my husband
    I don't know where he went
    So I'm gonna drink my money
    I'm not gonna pay his rent (nope)

    At the time, P!nk said she and Hart remained "best friends." In her website post, the singer wrote, "We love each other so much." The couple reportedly drew up divorce papers during this split.