makeup The Only Thing Better Than Pink Hair Is Pink Lemonade Hair  

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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Millennial pink reigned supreme for years, but Gen Z yellow is coming in hot and fast as the latest 'it' color. Fortunately for fans of both hues, you don't have to pick just one for a bold hair look. By mixing the two ultra-popular colors, hair stylists are creating a refreshing hair trend: pink lemonade hair.

Shades of pastel pink, strawberry blonde, and magenta mingle with pale blonde and yellow-blonde highlights, making for one of the best summer hair colors. If silver hair feels too serious for you, try out this bubbly and fun color trend. 

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Pink And Blonde With A Twist Of Peach


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Not Your Average Strawberry Blonde


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Even Better In A Braid


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Constance Wu Is Getting In On This Sweet Look, Too


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