A Gallery of Pink's Tattoos 

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Pink's tattoos number around two dozen. That hasn't stopped the Grammy-winning singer from adding to her growing collection as she has transitioned from a young "Missundaztood" singer to a pop sensation to a mom. She calls her 20+ tattoos reminders of chapters in her life, a history that she does not want to ever erase, but do you know the meanings behind Pink's tattoos? 

Born Alecia Beth Moore in Doylestown, PA, P!nk burst onto the music scene in the early 2000s with hits like "There You Go," "Just Like a Pill," "Family Portrait," and "Get the Party Started." Fast forward a decade later, and the critically acclaimed artist had racked up three Grammys and five MTV Video Music Awards from her five best-selling albums.

According to "Inked" magazine, the singer's love of tattoos came just as early as her love for music. At the age of 12, Pink got her first tattoo, a Japanese symbol on her leg to signify good luck and happiness. The once pink-haired rebellious teen continued to add tattoos in the years since including some very close to her heart.

The tattoos that Pink has etched across her skin have a special meaning to her. Among the tattoos the singer currently has include several that pay tribute to her loved ones, such as the dog tags on her ankle for her military father and brother, and the portrait of her beloved bulldog, Elvis, on her arm. Others were inked at the same time as those close to her, such as the "Tru Luv" on her wrist, a tattoo shared by her husband Carey Hart, and the broken heart, the other half of inked on her friend Laura Jeanne Wilson.

While Pink is far from the only pop star to love tattoos with Rihanna's Tats and Christina Aguilera's Ink she can boast that it's also a business for her. Her hubby, Carey Hart, owns a chain of tattoo parlors, Hart & Huntington. With the keys to the shop, it's only a matter of time before Pink adds another tattoo to her collection.

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What Goes Around Comes Around
In black ink wrapping around her right wrist, Pink has the phrase "what goes around comes around" tattooed on her arm.
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Bulldog and Poem
To honor her late dog "Elvis," Pink has a portrait of the bulldog on her inner forearm along with a poem that states "A time to weep, A time to laugh, A time to mourn and, A time to dance. Sleep in peace my darling, I release you."
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Dog Tags
Wrapping around her right ankle in black ink, Pink honors her brother, Jason, and father, Jim Moore, a Vietnam War veteran, with a tattoo of dog tags on an anklet.
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Guardian Angel
Looking out for her, Pink has a medium-sized tattoo of a guardian angel chasing a shooting star on her back near her left shoulder.
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