The Evolution Of P!nk's Vibrant Hairstyles Over The Years

P!nk has her fair share of fans, and for good reason: the girl can wail, and she can write a catchy hook as well. As the world began to take notice in the 2000s, P!nk decided to use her power for good. She started challenging stereotypes and making her style a statement. P!nk hairstyles have grown and changed over the years, but they all convey the same message: you don't have to look one way to make your voice heard.

P!nk's hair has morphed and changed alongside her musical career. From the vibrant pink hairstyles that made a splash in her early days to edgy, platinum-blonde mohawks, P!nk has rocked them all. As the mother-slash-singer-slash-inspiration proves, the coolest look is the one you pick for yourself.

  • 1996: The Alecia Moore

    1996: The Alecia Moore
    Photo: InStyle / via Pinterest

    Before the songstress was P!nk, she was Alecia Moore. Though her attitude may have been just as rock star back then, her hair conveyed more of a good-girl vibe.

  • 1999: When P!nk Was Actually Pink

    1999: When P!nk Was Actually Pink
    Photo: / via Pinterest

    When she first started out, P!nk might have been expected to fit in with her blonde contemporaries (see: Britney Spears; Christina Aguilera). P!nk, however, opted to stand out by dying her hair a distinctive bubblegum hue.

  • 2000: Sky-High Spikes

    2000: Sky-High Spikes
    Photo: / via Pinterest

    P!nk took some serious fashion risks at the 2000 MTV Music Awards. Her hair was a punky middle finger to the establishment, and maybe a futuristic nod to the new millennium.

  • 2001: Lady Marmalade Pink

    2001: Lady Marmalade Pink
    Photo: Dave Horgan/Getty Images

    The superstar sported long, pale-pink locks while performing "Lady Marmalade" on the 2001 MTV Movie Awards. The song was her first number-one single.

  • 2002: Channeling Doc From "Back To The Future"

    2002: Channeling Doc From  "Back To The Future"
    Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment

    P!nk donned a surprisingly utilitarian jumpsuit and frizzed-out hairstyle for a performance at the Rain in the Desert nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort in 2002.

  • 2003: Pin-Up P!nk

    2003: Pin-Up P!nk
    Photo: Dave Horgan/Getty Images Entertainment

    P!nk embraced the early-2000s pin-up resurgence with her platinum curls and cherry red lipstick. She posed on the red carpet with fellow singer Fergie at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2003.