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What The Graves Of Real Pirates Actually Look Like

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Pirates are a part of history that almost doesn't seem real. They, along with Vikings, and other spectacularly costumed seafaring explorers and raiders, occupy a space in our brains somewhere between reality and the mythical, larger-than-life legend. We know they existed, but something about the magnitude of it all makes it seem as though it were fictional all the same.

Defining a pirate can be a tricky thing. One nation's pirate can be another nation's naval hero. Then throw privateers into the mix - a form of legalized piracy recognized as legit by the nation issuing the license but considered piratical acts by those being raided - and the whole matter becomes muddy. To simplify the matter, any seafarer raiding a ship for their personal gain will be considered a pirate.

Tracking down the graves of such individuals is another matter entirely, for many captains have gone down with the ships, while many possible pirate graves only bear a skull and crossbones as their evidence. 

These issues aside, here are what some real pirate graves actually look like.