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Serial Killers Who Are Pisces

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Pisces serial killers are those born between February 19 and March 20. Members of this sign are known for being very impressionable, emotional, mysterious, and prophetic. Negative traits - clearly found in Pisces criminals - include being scatterbrained, aimless, and indecisiveness. 

Examining the signs as serial killers can reveal some fascinating insight. These Pisces serial killers have a few key qualities in common. Pisces have a tendency to turn to drugs or alcohol when dealing with difficult situations. Many of these serial killers born in February have had a history drug or alcohol addiction, which was bestowed upon them by their parents' example. Because Pisces are imprinted by those who surround them, these violent and problematic habits followed them into adulthood. 

Pisces tend to go through multiple career paths throughout their lives. A lot of the serial killers born in March on this list have had unstable professional lives, hopping from job to job as they committed their crimes. Having a strong connection to water, it's kind of eerie how many of these infamous Pisces criminals lived near oceans or rivers. It might be a coincidence, but still... 

Not all serial killers are Pisces, though. For more lists of serial killers based on zodiac, check out our comprehensive list of Scorpio murderers. Keep reading to learn more about these Pisces serial killers.

  • Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain

    Birthday: March 5, 1947

    Pisces qualities:

    • Ottis Toole was often associated with his partner in crime, Henry Lee Lucas. The symbol for pisces is a pair of swimming fish. Toole accompanied Lucas in 108 murders.
    • His father was an alcoholic, his mother was an abuser, and his grandmother was a Satanist. He was sexually assaulted by his eldest sister, relatives, and neighbors. 
    • Toole was known for having a short fuse emotionally. His first murder occurred in 1962, after a travelling salesman propositioned him for sex when he was only 14 years old. The incident infuriated him so much that he ran over the salesman with his own car. Once, Toole set a lover's house on fire after a heated argument. 
    • In 1984, Toole was found guilty of murder in the first degree and was sentenced to death — twice. The penalties were later changed to life sentences, and Toole died of cirrhosis at Florida State Prison in 1996.

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    • Birthday: March 13, 1933

      Serial killer name: The Hitchhiker's Killer, The Meanest Man in America

      Pisces qualities:

      • Gaskins was ridiculed and teased growing up, for his small body frame, earning him the nickname "Pee Wee."
      • Working at a car garage, a carnival, and a tobacco farm, Gaskins followed several different career paths during his lifetime. 
      • His process of torture and killing was described by Gaskins as a "vision" he experienced, heavily influenced by how he was treated growing up.
      • In 1975, Gaskins had been killing steadily for six years, avoiding the law by working alone
      • The final tally of Gaskins' murders is unknown. He was convicted of the murder of Dennis Bellamy in 1976, but at that point, the death penalty was illegal.
      • When the death penalty was restored in 1978, Gaskins was found guilty for being paid to murder fellow inmate Rudolph Tyner. He was executed by electric chair in 1991. 

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      • Birthday: March 19, 1945

        Serial killer name: The Freeway Killer, The Scorecard Killer

        Pisces qualities:

        • Randy Steven Kraft was remarked as being highly intelligent from a very young age, with a reported IQ of 129. He was well-liked by his peers and participated in his school's debate team. 
        • Kraft was reported to have kept a steady diet of "speed and beer." Pisces have a tendency to turn to drugs and alcohol when feeling unfulfilled.
        • Having killed as many as 67 men over a span of 12 years, Kraft's favorite targets were fellow homosexuals and members of the Marine Corps.
        • Kraft kept a coded list with cryptic references to every victim he tortured and murdered, hence his reputation as the "The Scorecard Killer."
        • Kraft claimed he had obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the charges against him were nothing more than a conspiracy against him because of his sexual orientation. However, he was convicted in May 1989, and currently sits on death row in San Marin County, CA.

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        • Photo: flickr / CC0

          Birthday: March 13, 1945

          Serial killer name: The Beauty Queen Killer

          Pisces qualities: 

          • Christopher Wilder had a traumatizing childhood, almost drowning in a swimming pool at age two. 
          • In 1963, he was convicted of participating in a gang rape on a beach in Sydney, Australia. His punishment was one year of counseling, and electroshock therapy. 
          • At age 24, he moved to South Florida, where he lived in a beachside apartment. A fan of the ocean, he owned a speedboat. 
          • Known as the "Beauty Queen Killer," Wilder's victims of choice were young, beautiful women. One of his victims, Suzanne Logan, was killed and dispensed in Milford Lake in Kansas. Another, Terry Walden, was found facedown in a canal in Beaumont. 
          • Wilder shot himself to death in a scuffle with state troopers in Colebrook, New Hampshire in 1984.