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Pixar, the animation studio and Walt Disney Company subsidiary is a billion dollar company that has collectively earned 15 Academy Awards. In its short existence, Pixar has produced some of the best animated films in the history of cinema. But even the amazing writers of films like Monsters, Inc. and WALL-E are not perfect - and there are some glaring Pixar movie plot holes that you may have missed.

It all started with Toy Story in 1995. And as great as a franchise that Toy Story has become, you can't ignore the glaring plot hole involving Buzz Lightyear, one of the main characters in the film. Buzz doesn’t think he’s a toy; in fact, he truly believes and is quite insistent that he’s a real spaceman. Yet, when Andy enters the room, Buzz freezes like all other toys. Why would he do that?

That one may be the most obvious, but there are several other plot holes in Pixar movies. Now, you may be thinking, “isn’t it a bit inane to over-analyze cartoon movies about toys that come to life, talking cars, and an animated undercover superhero family?" While these films are certainly in the realm of the fairy tale, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to follow common sense narrative rules.

Take in all these Pixar movie mistakes and if you've noticed any others, let everyone know in the comments section!
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Film: Toy Story

TL;DR: Buzz Lightyear should not freeze around humans if he doesn't think he's a toy.

All the toys freeze when Andy or another human is around. Buzz is quite persistent throughout Toy Story that he is a real, bonafide spaceman. Yet, he freezes at the sight of Andy and other humans. Why?
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Movie: Monsters, Inc.

TL;DR: Boo's parents don't appear to be very caring/observant.

What's up with Boo's parents? Boo is off in monster land for at least a few days, but her parents aren't worried that she's not around?
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Film: Inside Out

TL;DR: Joy and Sadness could have just sent Riley's core memories through the recall tube.

Joy and Sadness go through a whole lot of trouble in order to make sure Riley's core memories stay intact. They also see the maintenance workers snatch a memory of a gum commercial jingle and send it up the recall tube. However, they somehow fail to make the obvious connection that Riley's core memories could also have gone up through the tube, in order to be protected. This was actually a plot hole that the writers were quite aware of, the film's writer/director Pete Docter explains, "We discussed that along the way and it was one of those things where we kind of boxed ourselves in a corner a little bit. We added the recall thing later, when they were doing the song that got stuck in her head.
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Film: Toy Story 3

TL;DR: The security guard should see the toys talking to each other.

Sure, Toy Story 3 is great, but this is actually a pretty sizable plot hole. There is heavy surveillance at Sunnyside, with around the clock security footage monitoring the grounds. Yet, the cameras don't spot Woody walking around the building? What about the security guard monitoring the cameras? He doesn't see all the toys chatting and moving around the room on their own? see more on Toy Story 3