20 Pixar Movie Theories That Make A Surprising Amount Of Sense

If you’re into Pixar theories, you’ll mightily enjoy this list and have some fun tidbits for the next trivia throw down. Be warned, though — sure, some of these Pixar fan theories are fun and circuitous, but others can get pretty dark.
For instance, the theory about the witch from Brave being Boo from Monsters, Inc. is only part of one major theory. The fact that Boo the witch is leaving Easter eggs behind in all of the Pixar movies as she searches for Mike is mind blowing. This all ties into Jon Negroni’s super Pixar fan theory that every Pixar movie since Toy Story takes place in the same universe. He even wrote a book about it.
After you discover all of these prominent Pixar movie theories, you’ll be connecting all the dots yourself. And looking for Boo, who is looking for Sulley.


  • 14 Pixar Movies Take Place in the Same Universe

    14 Pixar Movies Take Place in the Same Universe
    Photo: Various / Pixar

    The theory inspired critic and conspiracy theorist Jon Negroni to write a book about a popular Pixar rumor. Negroni’s The Pixar Theory concludes that every Pixar movie since Toy Story (A Bug’s Life; Toy Story 2; Monsters, Inc.; Finding Nemo; The Incredibles; Cars; Ratatouille; WALL-E; Up; Toy Story 3; Cars 2; Brave; and Monsters University) exist within the same universe. Brave explains why animals talk and are motivated like humans.

  • The Tree Sapling In 'WALL-E' Becomes The Tree In 'A Bug’s Life'

    You know that plant WALL-E keeps safe until the humans return? Well, this theory suggests that it becomes the tree in A Bug’s Life and the reason we don’t see any humans in that film is that the Earth has yet to repopulate.

  • We’re Watching Carl’s Journey To Ellie In The Afterlife In 'Up'

    This theory will make an already sad movie even sadder. The theory holds that Carl passes in the beginning of the film, and we’re watching him being escorted by a tiny angel to Ellie, who's waiting for him in the afterlife.

  • Boo From 'Monsters, Inc. Is The Witch In Brave

    Boo loved Sulley and when she grew up, she set out to find him. She used those same doors to travel through time, all the way back to the time of Brave, where she discovers the origin of the will-o’-the-wisps. The carving of Sulley is a big hint that the witch is Boo. Oh, and she’s been to the Toy Story world as well, which explains the Pizza Planet carving.

  • Andy’s Mom Is Jessie’s Original Owner In The 'Toy Story' Movies

    Pixar loves to tie things in, so this theory makes a lot of sense. From the way Andy’s mom looks to the hat he wears (a Jessie hat, likely due to his mom's influence): Andy’s mom is possibly Emily.

  • All Pixar Movies Are About The Apocalypse

    The After Hours team over at Cracked posits that all of the Pixar movies take place in the same universe, and they are all driving toward one conclusion: The talking toys, inanimate objects, and other characters send humans away on the ship, Axiom, from WALL-E because they were sick of being toys to humans and then cast aside. When they are allowed to return, WALL-E will rule over them along with Eve.