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20 Pixar Movie Theories That Make A Surprising Amount Of Sense

Updated July 28, 2020 1.8m views20 items

If you’re into Pixar theories, you’ll mightily enjoy this list and have some fun tidbits for the next trivia throw down. Be warned, though — sure, some of these Pixar fan theories are fun and circuitous, but others can get pretty dark.
For instance, the theory about the witch from Brave being Boo from Monsters, Inc. is only part of one major theory. The fact that Boo the witch is leaving Easter eggs behind in all of the Pixar movies as she searches for Mike is mind blowing. This all ties into Jon Negroni’s super Pixar fan theory that every Pixar movie since Toy Story takes place in the same universe. He even wrote a book about it.
After you discover all of these prominent Pixar movie theories, you’ll be connecting all the dots yourself. And looking for Boo, who is looking for Sulley.

  • Nemo Is a Figment of Marlin’s Imagination

    Photo: Finding Nemo / Pixar

    If you want to polish off a sad Pixar marathon, watch Finding Nemo with this theory in mind. Marlin’s wife and her eggs are all gone at the beginning of the film, including Nemo, the son who could have been. We’re watching Marlin deal with his loss by inventing a story in which he saves Nemo.

  • Edna Mode Was Inspired By Randall Bogg’s Invisibility

    When Randall went back in time, he came across Edna, therefore inspiring her costume for Violet with built-in invisibility capabilites.

  • Edna Mode From The Incredibles Saved The World With A Cape

    Photo: The Incredibles / Pixar

    Edna’s "no capes" policy was fierce until Syndrome came to her for a new outfit. Not only did she study his powers and makes suits for the Incredibles to do battle with him, she also gave Syndrome a cape. That cape turned out to be his downfall. Perhaps Edna planned it all along.

  • The Magic of Brave Is Responsible for Sentient Animals

    Photo: Ratatouille/A Bug's Life / Pixar

    First off, this theory suggests the magic in Brave is the origin of animal evolution. The magic wears off after a while in the Brave world, but the animals pass on the ability to talk, think, and reason to their offspring.