Where The Pizza Planet Truck Shows Up In Pixar Movies

While Pixar is known for the clever Easter eggs that hide in their famous animations, no secret cameo is as reliable as the Pizza Planet truck. Though you won’t find the Pizza Planet truck in The Incredibles, every other Pixar movie features at least one appearance of this recognizable vehicle. An original staple of the Toy Story universe, the Pizza Planet truck is a beat-up car with a fading coat of yellow paint and white camper shell. A red and white rocket sits on top of the truck, poised for take-off. A delivery service for Pizza Planet pies, the reliable vehicle appears all over the Pixar universe.

A staple in nearly every Pixar movie, this recognizable Easter egg sometimes hides in strange places. While the Pizza Planet truck in Coco drives by the Rivera home, the Pizza Planet truck in Brave hides as a wooden trinket in the witch’s workshop. Whether barreling through the streets blasting rock music or appearing as a small but identifiable tattoo, the truck lurks around every corner, waiting to surprise Pixar viewers. You simply can't watch a Pixar movie without looking for this important cameo. 

If you have yet to find the Pizza Planet truck, have no fear - we've done it for you. Look below to discover every Pizza Planet truck appearance in Pixar movies.

Photo: Toy Story/Buena Vista Pictures