27 Tweets About Pixar Movies For People Who Enjoy A Little Existential Crisis With Their Cartoons

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Over the years, Pixar has earned a reputation for not only amazing animation, great writing, and compelling characters, but for the ability to debilitate its entire audience with a single gut-wrenching moment and heartbreaking scene of pure tragedy. It would be difficult to watch many Pixar films and not ugly cry by the end (or in Up's case, the first 15 minutes). If you have ever felt personally attacked by Pixar, or just need a good cry in the midst of enjoying a children's film, then you are not alone. Here are a few pretty hilarious tweets from folks who have experienced an existential crisis while watching a Pixar film. Vote up the funniest (and most accurate) tweets. 

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    Probably Not


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    Five Stars

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    The 'P' Stands For 'Panic'


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    What If...


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    The Less Context, The Better

    The Less Context, The Better
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    News Flash


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