This Artist's Real World Pixel-Perfect Art Will Make You Look Twice

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Johan Karlgren, AKA Pappas Parlor, has spectacularly mastered the craft of creating street art that's both sweetly nerdy and nostalgically cool! With the help of his two kids, Pappas Parlor uses Perler fuse beads to make super geeky street art with which any pop-culture fan will instantly fall in love. Making fuse bead art may make no logical sense but it is totally easy: 2D fuse bead sculptures are made by sticking together little crafting beads that melt and stick to one another when enough heat is applied, but ut Pappas Parlor takes this simple craft to the next level. Using bundle upon bundle of fuse beads to put together fantastic pixel art displays, murals, and installations, his 2D pixel art gets a colorful new 3D world.

By snapping clever photoshoots of his pixelated creations in just the right settings, the zany and intricate creations of Pappas Parlor and his kids truly come to life. The results of the shots that he shows off on his website and social media end up being somewhere in between a mashup of Nintendo fan art and sick street art. Vote up the most delightful fuse bead artworks!