23 Horror Stories From The Pizza Delivery Person

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As a pizza delivery driver, sometimes customers provide you with tons of drama and difficulty in thirty minutes or less. Who knew delivering pizza could be such a nightmare? These drivers from the subreddit r/TalesFromThePizzaGuy lived to tell the tales of these hellish deliveries.


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    When You Deliver To A Murderer

    Posted by u/footiesocks1:

    This happened several years ago, and I won't go into a ton of detail because Google exists and I don't want to point a bit arrow to where it happened by saying too much.

    I had worked at a big pizza chain for almost a year at this point, so I was aware of a lot of the dangers of the job - robberies, drunken morons, naked people, etc. - but this instance really made it sink in.

    A girl had been reported missing in our area under super suspicious circumstances. It was a big deal in a relatively small town where things like that don't happen super frequently. It was all over the news, billboards were being put up, the whole shebang. We had state cops, other county cops, and federal investigators all in town to help.

    A few weeks after the initial report, they announce an arrest. They had the guy dead to rights, no question that he was the one who did it. When I got to work that day someone asked me if I had seen the announcement. I hadn't yet, so I pulled up the news article on my phone. HOLY. SH*T. I know that name. I know that address. I know that face. A month or so prior, I had delivered to this guy. His apartment complex was a few blocks down the road.

    To add to the creep factor, this dude lived in a complex with several buildings where each one had a locked door to get into the building. It's full of young kids that are almost always drunk and ignorant when they order and I'd had issues there before. Due to that, I made a point to always have customers come and meet me at the main door as opposed to being buzzed in and going to their unit door. Usually it wasn't a huge deal, but this dude really tried to press the issue and had several excuses to why he couldn't come down and I needed to come up. Each one was met with "company policy doesn't allow me to do that" until he finally caved and came down. He was less than enthused, but paid for his pizza and I went about my way.

    As a female, and given that this happened within a few weeks of him kidnapping and killing the other girl, I am so immensely grateful for all the drunken morons that caused me to stop going inside of the buildings at this complex.

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    A Real Life Kidnapping

    Posted by u/enoughpizzanow:

    I’d been having a really busy night, non-stop back and forth, without any time to even pause and take a leak.

    I’d been so busy that I wasn’t really thinking about bathroom breaks. But we’re also going through a bit of a heat wave in our area, so I’ve been drinking copious amounts of water.

    All of a sudden as I was driving to this particular delivery, the urge to go hit me. Like, things went from 0 to 60 in an instant. Thankfully I was close to the customer so could get this one over with quickly. Or so I thought.

    I pulled up to the house, and it was an area I’d delivered in before, so I could immediately see that something wasn’t right. All the lights were off in the house, not even the glow of a television or anything. It was extra apparent because the streetlight closest to the door happened to be out of order. And on top of it all, the block was dead quiet.

    This is a big university area, and obviously there aren’t many student renters in July, but there had to be at least one person, because someone ordered this pizza.

    Maybe they just liked sitting in the dark or they were out back in the yard, whatever, I just didn’t want to get out of my car and knock on a quiet house in the middle of the night (around 9:30pm) without first checking that I had the correct address and the customer was inside.

    It was scorching that night, even after sundown. My car’s A/C is a joke, and the piping hot pizzas don’t help things much, so I have to try and open the car door as infrequently as possible to keep any cool air in.

    I called the number the customer provided and the voice on the other end said, kind of brusquely and out of breath, “Yah?” I just tried to keep it clear and concise, “Hey, it’s your pizza out front but there doesn’t appear to be anybody home?” And the customer replied, still gasping for air, “Yah, I’m not home.”

    I had to pee so badly by that point that I was much less patient than I’d otherwise be with a customer right out of the gate, “Well, then we’re going to have to terminate the order, because I’ve arrived in the stated delivery window and you were supposed to pay in cash, so, I don’t know what to tell you. Plan ahead next time.”

    I instantly regretted letting my bladder do the talking for me as the voice on the other end came through more clearly as a young, bubbly, and very distraught girl who couldn’t have been older than 20 or 25.

    “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I was running down the street so I could barely hear you!” She cried, “I just switched you out of my AirPods. Is that better? Sorry, I completely lost track of time at work, but I knew you were coming, that’s why I’m literally running home right now. Please don’t leave, I’m starving and I don’t have a car. Seriously, please don’t leave. Five minutes tops, ok?”

    I know what it’s like to be hungry, and running late, and have no car but not live near any restaurants. Plus when I heard her voice I began to remember more specifically having delivered to this place a couple times before, and she’d always been perfectly nice. Now I felt bad for snapping at her. I tried to walk it back, while simultaneously looking out my window for potential spots to pee.

    “No, no, my bad, I’m letting the heat get to me and it’s not your fault. No need to rush. See you when you get here.” I hung up and, while surveilling the street, was starting to think I was really out of luck.

    All the other houses had people in them, and were close together, so there were no clumps of trees or out of the way patches of land or anything. Of course I had just tossed my empty water bottle at the last delivery, because I’m an idiot.

    Finally, I decided it was escalating to the point of an emergency, and the safest bet was to use a bush in front of the woman’s house. She wasn’t home. The street light was out so no one would see me. The people who were home were inside. My car was parked across the street and we’re a small shop who don’t wear uniforms, so if someone did spot me, they’d have no way to connect me to my employer. Animals pee outside all the time, humans are animals... this is fine.

    I scurried over to the tallest bush in her front yard. She didn’t really have much of a yard, more just a walkway lined with bushes and flowers that ran adjacent to her front door. The biggest cluster of bushes, the only one where I could be sure there would be no visible splatter on the side of the house, was about four feet from her door.

    I looked both ways, unzipped, and let fly. After the initial millisecond of relief, I noticed the sound was way off, more like pissing on something solid than something leafy.

    I started panicking, thinking I’d aimed wrong. But once I start, I can’t stop mid-stream, so I kept squinting into the darkness to see if maybe I was hitting a key rock or something and could just move a few inches over. Instead, all of a sudden, I heard a way more concerning noise. A deep voice exclaiming, “What the f*ck?”

    And before I could turn around, assuming I’d been caught by a neighbor, a man came leaping out of the bushes.

    He blew by me, brushing my golden shower off him as did. He spit pretty emphatically on the ground, so I think I might’ve beaned him right in the face. I didn’t see where he went after a few paces but, though this next part is kind of a blur, I do think I remember hearing a car screech out from a bit further away after a minute.

    I’d gotten some night vision by that point so I was able to make out his height, build, and outfit, but only the most general details of each.

    I was in such shock that I didn’t even put my dick away. I just stood there trying to figure out what had happened. The reality was so terrifying that my mind refused to accept it, and impulsively searched for a reasonable explanation that could make everything ok.

    I thought, “Could these bushes lead to some backyard area and just looked like they were against the house? Could they have been obscuring an open window?”

    My inner voice was desperately screaming “Bruh that man was wearing a hoodie in 90 degree weather. That was a bad man. You’re in a bad situation.”

    But the very idea that I was within inches of a guy who would be hiding in bushes at all, let alone in front of a young woman’s house at night, just wasn’t something I was ready to grapple with yet. I was coping by not coping.

    My fight or flight response totally failed me at that point, because my dumb *ss did the absolute last thing I should have done, and approached the bushes to try and validate this “There must have been a good reason for a man in a hoodie to be behind these bushes in the middle of the night.” theory.

    So I walked over to the side, turned on my phone flashlight, and tried to peer around the line of shrubbery.

    Pro tip, as scary as things may look in the dark, seeing them with a single beam of your flashlight can sometimes make it even worse. That’s when I saw the bag.

    There was a tattered drawstring bag sitting behind the bushes. Slightly splashed with pee. But I was in such a moronic daze from shock that I groped around for it thinking “See? This is it, this will explain why he was back here.”

    It explained it. Once I maneuvered it over and pulled it open I saw a sharp knife, a roll of duct tape, and a bottle of pills. The delusions officially broke at that point and all the adrenaline, endorphins, and self preservation instincts that had been suppressed kicked in ten times over.

    I became whatever the opposite of dazed is. More laser focused than I have ever been in my life, with one singular goal: “Get back to my car.”

    I dropped the bag, booked it across the street, got in my car, and slammed the pedal to the floor before the door was even all the way closed. I went as far as I could as fast as I could until I hit a red signal, then I pulled off to the side and realized I shouldn’t be driving anymore than necessary in the condition I was in.

    I pulled into the parking lot of a 24 hour drug store and took a breath. I was finally calm and coherent enough to zip up and formulate a plan of action.

    My first lucid thought was “Who do I call first, the police or the girl whose house that was?” I thought about it for what couldn’t have really been more than ten seconds, but felt like an hour, and decided “Ok. I am in my locked car with the engine running. If trouble starts, I can drive away. I know somethings up, she might not, she needs to know not to keep walking in that direction.” But as I was dialing her number, it occurred to me, “What if there was no girl?”

    I thought I remembered delivering to that house before, but what if I was wrong? What if the girl on the phone was just a decoy to get me there to rob me, or worse?

    Every pizza guy on the planet has seen the Evil Genius documentary by now, so I thought “She called me all out of breath. She wasn’t home. The whole thing was off, can’t risk it, I’ll start with the cops.”

    I called 911, the operator was very helpful in keeping me calm, because I was a complete wreck by this point. He kept assuring me that someone would be there soon.

    I kept telling them they had to get there before the girl did, but I was trying to express three thoughts at once, and really damaging my own credibility. It came out more as:

    “You’ve got to save this girl because he wasn’t after me I was just delivering a pizza. Unless they were after me, in which case there might not be a girl, but I talked to one on the phone, so then you should find that girl because they used her to lure me there. But if she’s real she doesn’t know about the guy, who was also real, and there could be more guys if there’s actually a girl, and you know what? Even if there isn’t a girl there might actually be more guys. I only checked one part of the bushes so I don’t actually know. But we’ll know which guy is the one I saw because I pissed all over him, you know. I didn’t mean to, this was back when I thought the girl was real but not home, but she might be real so you really need to find her if she is because the guy was real—“

    Finally they basically just asked me to stop talking and stay on the line. But that was when I saw an incoming call from the customer. I couldn’t answer it without disrupting my 911 call, so I just ignored it.

    But then she sent me this text like, “Hey I’m here, don’t see you?” I told 911 she was there and they said officers were only minutes away. But who knows how long that meant? Especially after I’d given such a scattered account of the events in my panic.

    I just felt overwhelmed with guilt. Because my rational mind said the odds of her being a decoy girl for some large scam targeting pizza guys were low and the odds of her being the intended victim of a predator were high.

    So I put my 911 call on mute (where I can hear them but they can’t hear me) and turned back, heart absolutely pounding out of my chest, compulsively muttering “F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck,” the entire way.

    Then I took 911 off mute and told them I had returned to look for the girl. They weren’t happy about that, but I saw her meandering past the parked cars in the street looking to see if one was mine, and I waved her down, flashing my brights.

    She bounced on over to the window of my car, happy-go-lucky. I figured that was a good sign that she wasn’t in on whatever this was. But I was just so scared to be back in the general area and to not know what had just happened or what was going to happen. I kept whispering “Get in. Get in!” And she was like, “Get it? Huh? Oh! You want me to get the pizza from the back?”

    I didn’t want to make the same mistake with her that I had made with 911, so instead of trying to tell the whole story, I stuck to the bare basic facts. “There was a man in your bushes. I’m on the phone with the police. I don’t know where he is right now. Please get in the car so we can lock the doors.”

    I was barely able to get even those sentences out, and I was shaking like I’d had 10 cups of black coffee. I held up my phone with 911 on the call screen to verify it for her. I thought that was why she got in the car with no further explanation, but it turns out that wasn’t entirely it.

    “You still there? Is she with you? Are you safe? Is anyone else there?” 911 kept checking in, not knowing who the third party I was talking to was. I reassured them, and we drove, more cautiously this time, to a location 911 instructed us to wait at to speak with police after they cleared the area.

    I didn’t actually have to do much after that. The police came pretty soon after, a police car met us, I gave a statement telling them everything I observed, and she went to go speak to more officers in more detail than they needed me for.

    It turns out the reason she got right into a strange pizza guy’s car without probing any deeper into my story is because she knew who the man was right away from my description.

    She had an abusive ex-boyfriend who was apparently psychotic enough that he immediately came to mind from hearing “There’s a guy in your bushes.”

    She later called us to thank me and insist on leaving a huge tip. I wasn’t there when the call came in so the kid who answered didn’t know to refuse to accept the money. But the manager already promised the next time we see her we can load her up with enough “one free pie” cards to last a lifetime.

    Easily the scariest thing that has ever happened to me, on the job or off. I don’t get the chance to tell the story much, because I try to avoid sharing it with anyone who could possibly know the girl or know of the event.

    But I’m still not the same since. Even though I know he didn’t even have anything to do with me directly, this truly shook me to my core. Be safe out there guys. Anything can happen.

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    Don't Rob The Driver

    Posted by u/jlynny1811:

    I was robbed by idiots who were high, at their house.
    This was 20 years ago. I delivered pizza on a football night and had made a lot in tips. Last call of the night I delivered a pizza and they claimed I was late. I don't remember what the time frame was, but if linger than xxx time from ordering, pizza was free. It wasn't late but they (about 12) insisted and had kind if a threatening posture, so I let them have the pizza. As I got to my car, they come out and tell me to hold up. I was naive enough to believe they were gonna tip me. Instead they threw me up against my car, someone else went in another door and took all the money I had. While they were getting the money out, I distinctly remember someone holding a knife up to me. Then there is a blank in my memory but somehow I got in my car unharmed and I remember this girl standing behind my car like she thought she could stop me and I remember aiming for her. I didn't hit her but I was so angry I sure tried. They were easily caught by the police since they went back inside the house.

    EDIT: The city bundled a bunch of charges against them for other crimes, they got time, a couple of years for the guy who held the throat to me and the guy who took my $. The others I honestly don't remember. I moved across country a few months later. I happened to be in town for the trial of the guy with the knife. I have checked out his FB account and he seems to have turned his life around from what I can tell and straightened up. I did get my $ back but it took 2 years =/

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    Customer Service People Don't Owe You Anything Other Than Service

    Posted by u/pizzathrowaway7035:

    I've been a pizza delivery driver for several years, and today is the first day I legitimately feel ashamed of doing what I do. This story may not seem to be a huge deal to some people, since it's probably more of me being socially inept when it comes to a big audience and being recorded and not being comfortable with my singing voice. So I may be overreacting, but I can't shake this feeling of humiliation.

    Since I was a kid, i've always been pretty shy. Even amongst close friends i'm somewhat quiet. And I am absolutely terrible speaking in front of large crowds. I remember in highschool having nightmares for weeks about having to do an upcoming presentation, and I would be dreading doing it every day until the day of. Not only that, but i'm a terrible singer, and I know it. I don't even feel comfortable singing in front of friends and family.

    Which brings me to the actual story. I had a delivery today with a note written in the 'special instructions' section that said "Sing a christmas carol for a tip". I didn't really take it all that seriously, and figured they were just joking. And if they weren't, I thought of a corny line to say while driving there to hopefully satisfy them if they were serious.

    So I show up and it's some kind of small party going on. There's probably roughly 10-15 teenagers gathered around in the living room and the mom comes to the door and takes the pizzas (there were 6 larges) as I give her the receipt to sign.

    She then looks at me with a smile and goes "So did they tell you?!?

    Me: "Haha, oh the note? Yeah I saw that, but trust me, you don't want to hear me sing."

    Her: "Oh come on, you have to!" She then ushers me inside and closes the door behind me. All of the people there are watching me and already have their phones out recording me. I instantly get uncomfortable and want to leave as quickly as possible. An audience is one thing, but being recorded my multiple people will instantly make me feel anxious.

    Her: "Well go on, sing!"

    Me: "No really, i'm a terrible singer, i'm sure I will ruin your christmas!" (christmas is still several weeks away, I have no idea why they wanted a christmas carol so bad)

    Her: "OH COME ON. I'll make it worth your while" She said as she waved a 20 and a 5 in front of me.

    I continued to insist on being a terrible singer and not being comfortable with it, but she kept pushing. Eventually I decided to try my corny line and hoped it would satisy them.

    So I just said "Okay, how about, rub-a-dub-dub I brought you some grub!" Which was corny as f*ck and holy hell so cringey to say and made me feel infinitely more uncomfortable.

    Obviously no one laughed, and she went "No, it has to be a christmas carol!"

    I insisted more about not wanting to sing and was starting to get seriously pissed off and uncomfortable that she wasn't taking no for an answer, and she kept waving the money in front of my face to 'encourage' me, so finally I just said "Look, i'm sorry but i'm not going to sing for money."

    She looked at me incredulously for a second and went "Woooooooooowwwww It was only for fun you know. Well, you're definitely not getting this then," She said as she pulled the 20 away and only gave me the 5 and the receipt she had signed.

    I said thank you and quickly left, while I heard several comments behind me from everyone else like:

    "Wow, is he serious? What a dick" "Ugh, gross" (wtf this even means I have no idea. disgusted she didn't hear a christmas carol i guess) "Wow did he really have to make us feel so bad?"

    So yeah. It's just being pressured to sing which I guess should just be fun, but I've never felt so used and humiliated while working here. I legitimately feel ashamed to be working a minimum wage job now, and truly feel like i'm on the lowest rung of the ladder in society. I was just a tool for their entertainment that they thought would jump at the chance to make a fool of myself for an extra 20 bucks. I'm a pizza delivery driver, not a f*cking performer.