Pizza Delivery Drivers Describe Their Creepiest Late Night Horror Stories 

Mick Jacobs
Updated July 1, 2019 38.3k views 16 items

Pizza delivery workers deal with unsettling stuff all the time, and not just the more adult-themed scenarios your dirty mind might be thinking of. When it comes down to it, pizza delivery horror stories happen to drivers as regularly as Domino's upsets its customers' stomachs. If anything, scary pizza delivery stories sounds like a horror trope just waiting to be explored by the Rob Zombies of the world. Putting a young adult alone behind the wheel and sending them off exposes these workers to the world's worst drivers, weather conditions, and customers - and for what? A delivery horror story to go along with their terrible tip? Just what an HR office wants to hear.

Many pizza delivery workers share their worst stories on the echo chamber that is Reddit, all for their catharsis and your entertainment. Featuring disgruntled customers, nudity, and a gun or two, pizza delivery nightmares come packed meatier than a deluxe meatlovers' pie.

Too Many Guns, And One Gun Too Soon

From tacticoolmachinist:

"I was a driver for Domino's and our store was closing for the night. I was helping out with the closing duties and had just taken out half of the daily trash to the dumpster. When I came back to grab the rest of the trash, I left the side door ajar so I wouldn't have to deal with the keypad with my hands full. Well, a robber decided that was his opportunity to come in and brandish a gun in our faces. The scariest and most vivid moment for me was staring at the ugly brown tile thinking it would be the last thing I ever saw.

I was given a week off, but when I got back I was still a jumpy wreck for months.

About three weeks after the robbery, I was at a customer's door when he quickly swung his door open and pointed a pistol in my face, almost touching my forehead. He held it there for about ten hours (two seconds) before exclaiming 'It's just a joke, I thought you were my friends,' and showed me that it was just an airsoft pistol.

I carried my pistol every single day after the robbery. The guy with the airsoft pistol was super lucky my hands were full of pizza."

An Actual Car Chase Scene Straight From The Movies

From Jollyonreddit:

"I once got chased like you see in the movies. A little information about me: I'm an 18-year-old male student. To make a little money I part-time deliver pizza's at night and on the weekends. Note that I ride a moped to make deliveries, so my top speed is about 50 km/h. (31 mph)

So here's the story: it's a warm summer night, sun was almost set so in some directions visibility was very poor. I knew the street I was on very well, and knew narrow roads lay ahead of me. What I didn't know about was a car coming at me from the opposite direction, at a high speed with its headlights off. I simply didn't see them because of the sun blocking my eyesight. We almost had a top speed frontal collision there, and with me being on a moped I would have at least suffered from heavy injuries. I managed to dodge the car at the very last moment and didn't hesitate a second to trow the good ol' middle finger at them for not turning on their headlights in those conditions.

I still remember the car: a bright blue Fiat Punto with black rims.

So a few days later I spot the exact same car, waiting at a yield sign for me and some other vehicles to pass. I was on my way back to the pizza place and had to make a left into the same street they were on. Time for me to mess around for a bit. Extremely slowly I passed the front-end of their car. As I passed the driver's window I noticed it was rolled down a little bit. I peeked inside and saw the biggest, most terrifying looking gym rat wearing the douchiest sunglasses ever, next to him a beautiful blonde girl. So the guy immediately starts swearing and calling me out and I was like 'B*tch come at me!' I heard myself say it and instantly regret doing so because this was not a guy I wanted to get in a fight with. I'm a pretty tall guy but this dude, hell no.

So I got away from that car as fast as I could, but a few moments later, I sh*t you not, the Fiat appears in my mirror, the guy now chasing me.

I was driving as fast as I could but with him being in a car he could easily top that. There was a roundabout coming up which I knew I could take on easily while doing full throttle. The car of course could not. This slowed him down for a bit, but it only took the guy a matter of seconds to get at my back-end; he was now tailgating me and I was scared as f*ck. This wasn't enough for him, and he decided drive right next to me, passenger window rolled down, shouting at me to stop so we could 'talk.' Well I was not going to do that. He was closing in on me, the girl looking at me the whole time, the car and me almost touching sides.

At this point, I saw the golden opportunity: a side street on my right. I yank the break of the rear tire, and powerslid myself into that street. It wasn't my intention to lock the rear wheel but I can assure you, that looked cool.

But this wasn't the end, as the guy saw it coming and slammed the breaks too. Once again, he was right behind me. Suddenly I saw a narrow alley on the left. I did a hard left in and the blue Fiat knew he wouldn't fit. I drove back to the pizza place as fast as I could.

Sometimes I still spot that bright blue Fiat, and I hide or quickly turn into another street to avoid it as much as I can."

Doing Deliveries In A Hurricane

From ElToberino:

"I worked as a delivery boy in College Station, TX and had to work the day when Hurricane Ike made landfall. It was horrifying driving in that weather, and I got less than $10 in tips the entire shift because the people who order delivery in a hurricane are the same type off a**holes that don't tip."

Something Smelled Fishy (And It Was)

From moneyf0lder:

"I delivered pizzas from age 19-23 (2009-2013) in a crappy part of town.

One night near close, we got a shady sounding order (I didn't take the call) to a fake address, and they changed it to another when we wouldn't deliver. We had a sneaking suspicion something was up, so I brought the cook with me and we both brought large metal pipes with us. He just stood next to my car while I went to the door.

When I knocked, the porch light flicked on and off a few times. I knocked again and the porch light flickers. It happens a few more times until some grouchy middle age man opens the door (think Carl from Aqua Teen Hungerforce), bluntly tells me he didn't order, and shut the door in my face. When we left we noticed a bunch of hooded guys in the bushes across the street. Later that night a rival pizza chain driver was robbed on that street."