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Pizza Delivery Drivers Describe Their Creepiest Late Night Horror Stories

Updated 1 Jul 2019 38.5k views16 items

Pizza delivery workers deal with unsettling stuff all the time, and not just the more adult-themed scenarios your dirty mind might be thinking of. When it comes down to it, pizza delivery horror stories happen to drivers as regularly as Domino's upsets its customers' stomachs. If anything, scary pizza delivery stories sounds like a horror trope just waiting to be explored by the Rob Zombies of the world. Putting a young adult alone behind the wheel and sending them off exposes these workers to the world's worst drivers, weather conditions, and customers - and for what? A delivery horror story to go along with their terrible tip? Just what an HR office wants to hear.

Many pizza delivery workers share their worst stories on the echo chamber that is Reddit, all for their catharsis and your entertainment. Featuring disgruntled customers, nudity, and a gun or two, pizza delivery nightmares come packed meatier than a deluxe meatlovers' pie.

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