Pizza Facts You'll Eat Right Up

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Without a doubt, pizza is the best food ever made. It’s a food that rises above the concept of class and connects us all through its cheesy, saucy magic. And just like there are millions of variations of pizza, there are so many pizza facts just waiting to be cut up and devoured. 

The history of pizza goes back to when chefs were still cooking in brick ovens of their own design and that kind of innovation continues today. Even with food fads that pop up and dissolve, pizza maintains its stronghold as the greatest food known to man. It’s one of the only meals that is just as good if you endlessly futz with until it’s barely pizza or if you stick to the traditional toppings. Put on your bib and get ready for these pizza facts you’ll eat right up.

On our saucy list of facts about pizza, we’ve got everything you could want to learn about Italy’s greatest export. You want pizza statistics? We got ‘em. You want to know what happens when you send a pizza to space? You’re about to find out. The only fact we don’t have on here is your favorite pizza place, but just because we don’t want to seem like we’re stalking you. Take a bite of these pizza facts and make sure to save room for cheesy bread.

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