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The Epic Story Of The Bigfoot, The Dominator, And The 1990s Giant Pizza War

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With pizza, less is never more. More is more. More slices, more toppings, more cheese. Never was that more apparent than in 1993, when America's three biggest pizza chains - Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Little Caesars - launched nearly identical short-lived super-pizza concepts: the Bigfoot, the Dominator, and the Big! Big! Pizza, respectively. What all three pizzas had in common was that they were marketed not on how they tasted, but on how enormous and impractical they were. The Little Caesars Big! Big! Pizza bragged about weighing more than 4 pounds, while the Dominator was an entire yard long - so big it didn't fit in most delivery vehicles.

For a while, giant pizzas were everywhere. Pizza Hut rolled out an expensive ad campaign and even bought a blimp to promote the Bigfoot. But a few years later, the fad was over. Despite online petitions and persistent social media chatter, the Bigfoot and its ilk have never been resurrected. In the era of smartphone-based delivery services, massive pizzas aren't even really practical. But for one bright, shining moment, size really did matter. The story of the giant pizza conflict is one filled with massive highs and delicious lows.

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