WATCH Pizza Hut Employee Single-Handedly Fends Off Three Armed Men  

Rebecca High

Some shocking surveillance footage has surfaced of an attempted Pizza Hut robbery, and one brave employee's attempt to fend it off.

Three men armed with guns stormed the Philadelphia Pizza Hut location, presumably hoping for a cash payout and perhaps a few fresh pies with a side of breadsticks.

But what they most definitely weren't planning to get was an off-duty employee who was visiting his sister — also an employee at the Pizza Hut — on the scene and decided to give the would-be thieves a run for their money.

As the break-in occurs you can watch the hero — Demitrius Carnegie — fighting back, pushing over boxes, shoving carts, and being an all-around badass as he defends his sister and his store, without even knowing if the guns he faced were real.