Google Earth Won't Let You See These 25 Places

Google Earth is a virtual globe, provided by web giant Google, with maps of the entire world. Well... mostly. The map and geographical information program offers satellite imagery, street view, maps, directions, and overhead views of nearly everywhere on earth. This list of 25 places Google Earth won't let you see, features the hot spots that Google has blocked from view of curious internet users and amateur geographers everywhere.

As Google Earth is constantly being updated and is widely known for providing a comprehensive, up close, map of the world. It's also INSANELY popular, so it's especially strange when stuff ISN'T there. What are you hiding from us, Google?

What's under those pixelated areas and whited out sections? Some sites are likely blocked for national security reasons, but others are more suspicious. Here are 25 places you cannot find on Google Earth, no matter how hard you try. Conspiracy theorists, have a field day.

  • Unknown Russian Site Near the Siberian Tundra

    This big, dusty mass of nothing could be hiding missile interceptors, a radar station, or maybe even Putin's personal stores of vodka. No one knows. 
  • Michael Aaf Building, Utah

    A chemical weapons test site, it's most likely whited out for security reasons.
  • The Royal Palace, Amsterdam

    You can see everything around the Dutch Royal Palace, but not the Palace itself. Trees, roads, etc come in crystal clear, but the building itself is obscured from all angles.
  • Tantauco National Park, Chile

    The park, a privately-owned nature reserve, can only be seen from afar. Zooming in closer doesn't change anything. The best guess as to why it's partially obscured on Google Maps relates to the fact it's a home to several endangered species of animals, but not even that fully explains the matter. Perhaps there are animals there that aren't supposed to exist (dun dun dunnn)...

  • Russian Energy Executive Alexey Miller's House

    Well...he's rich, so he can probably have whatever he wants done. Or maybe it's as simple as his need to sunbathe frequently in the nude.
  • Cornell University Power Plant

    This new addition to Cornell University is eco-friendly and very hi-tech, so perhaps the academics just want to keep their erudite secrets under wraps.