Places That Don't Usually Have An Open Bar But Should

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Admit it, most situations would be 100% better if you could have a drink and calm your nerves, such as submitting yourself to a child’s birthday party or telling your therapist how much you hate your dad. In fact, the best places for open bars are the places where it’s completely frowned upon if you drink. If there was an open bar in so many awkward situations it would alleviate the need to sneak alcohol into wherever you hate to go. These places range from children’s restaurants to important functions where a few beers would loosen you up.

Have you ever been at the bank and thought, “This ATM needs an open bar”? If so then consider the situations presented below. While booze should really be flowing everywhere, the places and situations on this list are the circumstances where you truly need to have a drink. You’re probably thinking of a place where you’d like to have a drink right now; so pour yourself a slow gin fizz, jump down to the list and start nodding furiously at every option you’re presented with. Or better yet, vote up the places that don’t have a bar but definitely should. 

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    Family Reunions

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    Cross Country Flights

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    Your In-Law's

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    Chuck E. Cheese's

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    Children's Birthday Parties