Which Places Do You Wish Had A Drive-Thru?

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Vote up the places you'd frequent more often if only they had a drive-thru.

Let's face it - nothing beats the convenience, luxury, and all-around comfort of the American drive-thru. Sure, you could have your food delivered right to your home (and just about any other item you can imagine), but then you still have to get up, answer the door, and unwrap your anxiously awaited goods.

The ever-increasing accessibility of the drive-thru, though, allows you to solve all your hunger woes with just the push of a pedal. So, what if the highly sought after, but tragically limited, drive-thru could also satisfy some of the other must-haves and must-dos we all encounter on a daily basis?

Have laundry to do? Go to the drive-thru. Need to pick up a few groceries, but don't have it in you to brave the aisles of the supermarket? Go to the drive-thru. Need to get shampoo from Target, but just don't trust yourself to only get the shampoo? Go to the drive-thru.

Vote up all the places that would be so much better to visit if only they had a drive-thru; vote down the places that are just fine the way they are.

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