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Historians Now Think An Ebola-Type Plague Nearly Wiped Out Athens, And The Details Are Horrifying

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There have been countless historic disease outbreaks, but some are better known than others. Diseases like the bubonic plague are ubiquitous, but most people forget about medieval sweating sickness, and few remember the dancing plague of the 16th century. Some of the worst diseases in history killed off the majority of people who came into contact with them, so facts about ancient diseases are obscure, and much of what we know today is based on speculation. 

Take for example the Plague of Athens, an unidentified disease that killed tens of thousands of Greeks in the fifth century BCE. Some people believe that the plague was actually the Ebola virus, which has opened up a new line of inquiry into the mysterious disease that caused painful hemorrhages, fevers, aches, pains, and often death.

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