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Planes Used By Air National Guard

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List of planes used by Air National Guard. Plane models are listed alphabetically and include additional information about each individual Air National Guard aircrafts. Air National Guard uses, or at some point has used, these planes. This list answers the questions "what kind of aircraft does Air National Guard use?" and "what plane am I flying on Air National Guard?" List includes photos of the Air National Guard planes when available, to help clear up what airplanes Air National Guard flies. List is made up of many different items, including EC-130 Commando Solo and C-124 Globemaster II. {#nodes}
  • Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    The Lockheed F-94 Starfire was a first-generation jet aircraft of the United States Air Force. It was developed from the twin-seat Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star in the late 1940s as an all-weather, day/night interceptor. The aircraft reached operational service in May 1950 with Air Defense Command, replacing the propeller-driven North American F-82 Twin Mustang in the all-weather interceptor role. The F-94 was the first operational USAF fighter equipped with an afterburner and was the first jet-powered all-weather fighter to enter combat during the Korean War in January 1953. It had a relatively brief operational life, being replaced in the mid-1950s by the Northrop F-89 Scorpion and North...  more
    • Type: All-weather interceptor aircraft
    • Manufacturer: Lockheed Corporation
    • Introduced: May 01 1950
    • Designer: Kelly Johnson
    • Length (m): 13.56
  • Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    The Boeing KC-97 Stratofreighter was a United States strategic tanker aircraft based on the Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter. It was succeeded by the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker....  more
    • Type: Strategic tanker
    • Manufacturer: Boeing
    • Length (m): 35.79