Planes Used By NASA

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List of planes used by NASA. Plane models are listed alphabetically and include additional information about each individual NASA aircrafts. NASA uses, or at some point has used, these planes. This list answers the questions "what kind of aircraft does NASA use?" and "what plane am I flying on NASA?" List includes photos of the NASA planes when available, to help clear up what airplanes NASA flies. List features items like Bell X-14, NASA M2-F1 and more! (36 items)
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The X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing development program is a completed research project that was undertaken jointly by the Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing Phantom Works and NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, where the technology was flight tested on a modified McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet. Active Aeroelastic Wing Technology is a technology that integrates wing aerodynamics, controls, and structure to harness and control wing aeroelastic twist at high speeds and dynamic pressures. By using multiple leading and trailing edge controls like "aerodynamic tabs", subtle amounts of aeroelastic twist can be controlled to provide large amounts of wing control power, while minimizing maneuver ...more on Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Northrop Corporation, McDonnell Douglas

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Aero Spacelines Super Guppy

The Aero Spacelines Super Guppy is a large, wide-bodied cargo aircraft that is used for hauling outsize cargo components. It was the successor to the Pregnant Guppy, the first of the Guppy aircraft produced by Aero Spacelines. Five were built in two variants, both of which were colloquially referred to as the "Super Guppy". ...more on Wikipedia

Type: Outsize cargo freight aircraft

Manufacturer: Aero Spacelines

Length (m): 43.84

Maiden Flight: Aug 31 1965

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The Bell X-14 was an experimental VTOL aircraft flown in the United States in the 1950s. The main objective of the project was to demonstrate vectored thrust horizontal and vertical takeoff, hover, transition to forward flight, and vertical landing. ...more on Wikipedia

Type: Experimental VTOL

Manufacturer: Bell Aircraft

Length (m): 7.62

Maiden Flight: Feb 19 1957

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The Vertol VZ-2 was a research aircraft built in the United States in 1957 to investigate the tiltwing approach to vertical take-off and landing. The aircraft had a fuselage of tubular framework and accommodation for its pilot in a helicopter-like bubble canopy. The T-tail incorporated small ducted fans to act as thrusters for greater control at low speeds. Ground tests began in April 1957 and on 13 August, the VZ-2 took off for the first time in hover mode only. On 23 July 1958, the aircraft made its first full transition from vertical flight to horizontal flight. By the time the test program ended in 1965, the VZ-2 had made some 450 flights, including 34 full transitions. The aircraft has ...more on Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Piasecki Helicopter, Boeing Rotorcraft Systems

Maiden Flight: Aug 13 1957