This Woman Illustrates What Self-Confidence Is All About In 10+ Comics And We Are Here. For. It.

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Vote up the comics by Planet Prudence that had you saying, "I see you, gurl."

Planet Prudence comics explore the alter ego of the titular character's creator, Prudence. The artist of Planet Prudence is among a group of female web illustrators who seek to empower women to accept and love themselves.

Planet Prudence has everything from accepting your nerdy side by reading books and watching Netflix all weekend, to seeing yourself as you actually are, and embracing that instead of fixating on the fact that you don't look like a cover model.

Planet Prudence empowers not only women, but all readers about the importance of having self-confidence while remaining honest with yourself. Planet Prudence is like other webcomics of late, in the sense that the illustrator explores everyday life. Niche webcomics are popping up online to help people humorously understand themselves and life. For instance, comics exploring the daily life as a gay couple also exist, and it seems like with a little searching, there is a webcomic to which everyone can personally relate.

So, check out the girl power (and person power) webcomics below, vote up the best, and remember: Planet Prudence is about seeing yourself as you are, and loving yourself for it.

Photo: Planet Prudence/Instagram