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17 Plants That Look Just Like Animals

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Out of all the different forms of life that inhabit the Earth, plants are probably the most diverse of them all. The fact that they are spread out across the entire planet and can be found in almost every environment you can imagine is proof that they have had to evolve in unique ways in order to survive. This, of course, has led to some rather interesting quirks in their characteristics – most obviously in the way that they look. There are all types of plants that have strange and wonderful appearances. In some cases, there are even examples of plants that look just like animals.

These animal-like plants have sometimes adapted to look like a particular creature in order to fool prey or scare away predators. Other instances are simply coincidences, where a flower has evolved to look like an animal purely by chance. Whatever the case may be, these photos of plants that look like animals are sure to amaze anyone who sets eyes on them.