Plastic Surgeons Report: 9 Most Requested Celebrity Noses

"I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don't want to be an old hag. There's no fun in that." Scarlett Johansson is quoted in the Cosmetic Surgery Insider. Maybe she needs to take a closer look at Joan "I wish I had a twin, so I could know what I'd look like without plastic surgery" Rivers. Somewhere in between Scarlett and Joan is a happy medium, and these celebrities - whether by birthright or scalpel - have the noses most requested by plastic surgery patients.

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    Jessica Alba
    Photo: uploaded by SandraMiller

    With a body like Jessica's the nose has to be perfect to keep attention on her pretty face - and for many women it is, indeed, the ideal nose they ask for when visiting the aesthetic surgeon.

    Jessica is a Latina, and no one understands Latina noses better than the board-certified plastic surgeons of Baja California:
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    Natalie Portman
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    There are plenty of celebrity gossip rags hosting lively debates whether Nathalie Portman's nose has been cosmetically enhanced but really, who cares - it's clearly a perfect fit!

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    Scarlett Johannson

    Scarlett Johannson
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    Ironic or not, Scarlett "I don't want to be an old hag" Johansson has the kind of nose many women would gladly go under the knfe for.

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    Rachel McAdams
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    The New York Post tells the story of divorcees finding sass by way of the scalpel after failed relationships failed - and plastic surgeons are the sculptors. Read the story here: Want to chat about a new nose with someone who knows? Contact a Health Travel Guides, we work with the premier cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Baja California:
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    Britney Spears
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    She's often on the worst-dressed list, but her nose is numbered among the most envied in polls among 20-somethings.

    Plain as the nose on your face, the best nose job is one that no one knows you had. Work with the best board-certified aesthetic and plastic surgeons in Baja California. Arrange online at or reach out and chat someone:
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    The "Ivanka" look is a transformation of the tip of the nose to a more upturned position and a narrower bridge.
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