This App Wants To Bring Plastic Surgery-On-Demand To Your TV

Imagine how much more you’d accomplish if switching on the TV didn’t lead to an hours-long (or weekend-long) streaming binge. Of course, this is exactly what streaming services everywhere are trying to get viewers to do. That said, either the minds at Apple TV have no sense of what gets viewers to tune in or they are on to the next big thing: A plastic surgery channel. 

The Plastic Surgery Network, as they are calling it, sort of sounds like the Home Shopping Network meets TLC's gruesome medical shows. However, PSN is more like a plastic surgery app accessed via one's television. It features Q&As with doctors, appointment booking capabilities, and even eventually will offer virtual reality plastic surgery.

The app serves as a sort of Yelp for those considering plastic surgery. So if watching plastic surgery on Apple TV sounds rather morbid, no need to worry about accidentally stumbling upon some strange programming. But if imagining the possibilities for your new body are exactly how you'd like to spend a weekend on the couch, read on. This may be your new favorite app.