The Worst Plastic Surgery Horror Stories From 'Botched'

The doctors on E!'s Botched have seen the ultimate plastic surgery nightmares — and, billing themselves as plastic surgery superheroes, they're often tasked with fixing surgeries done abroad or by doctors who seemed to have gotten their medical licenses out of a Cracker Jack box. The horror stories from Botched include a woman with actual concrete in her face — yes, the same stuff from which sidewalks are made — a woman who had giant breast implants in her behind, and plenty of breast implants gone awry. 

As cosmetic procedures become cheaper and more commonplace, the potential for a tragedy seems to have grown right along with the market. Many of the people on Botched seem to be addicted to plastic surgery, starting small with Botox or lip injections and moving to multiple implants — and then bigger implants. This mindset increases the risk and potential for things to go wrong... and then, too, there are just lots of bad doctors out there.

The people on Botched often go way beyond wanting Kylie Jenner's lips or Meghan Markle's nose. Some of these plastic surgeries are crimes — and the solutions that the doctors on Botched must implement are almost always risky.