The Worst Plastic Surgery Horror Stories From 'Botched'

The doctors on E!'s Botched have seen the ultimate plastic surgery nightmares — and, billing themselves as plastic surgery superheroes, they're often tasked with fixing surgeries done abroad or by doctors who seemed to have gotten their medical licenses out of a Cracker Jack box. The horror stories from Botched include a woman with actual concrete in her face — yes, the same stuff from which sidewalks are made — a woman who had giant breast implants in her behind, and plenty of breast implants gone awry. 

As cosmetic procedures become cheaper and more commonplace, the potential for a tragedy seems to have grown right along with the market. Many of the people on Botched seem to be addicted to plastic surgery, starting small with Botox or lip injections and moving to multiple implants — and then bigger implants. This mindset increases the risk and potential for things to go wrong... and then, too, there are just lots of bad doctors out there.

The people on Botched often go way beyond wanting Kylie Jenner's lips or Meghan Markle's nose. Some of these plastic surgeries are crimes — and the solutions that the doctors on Botched must implement are almost always risky. 

  • Rajee Had Tire Sealant And Cement Injected Into Her Face

    Rajee Had Tire Sealant And Cement Injected Into Her Face
    Photo: Botched/E!

    Forty-eight-year-old Rajee Narinesingh came to Botched with actual cement in her face. 

    Rajee attended a black market "pumping party," where scurrilous characters offered low-price cosmetic injections of cheap substances as budget alternatives to higher-priced procedures. The so-called doctor used cement and tire sealant as fillers in Rajee's face — which not only started causing her extreme pain, but eventually also started burning and creating hard, rock-like nodes all over the affected areas.

    Luckily, after the docs on Botched took her on, some of the nodes were removed, but there's still a risk the infections can come back, since everything is in her blood stream. 

    The Botched doctors originally said that her face was too dangerous to fix, and spent months deliberating over whether they could try the risky series of procedures that, in the end, have helped Rajee regain some confidence in her appearance.

  • Dee Had Bowling Ball Ta-Tas That Weighed 30 Pounds

    Dee Had Bowling Ball Ta-Tas That Weighed 30 Pounds
    Photo: Botched/E!

    Dee Stein had her 30-pound breast implants removed by the docs on Botched after many doctors said it was impossible. In her former career as an escort, she'd become addicted to getting larger and larger implants even at a time when the surgery was considered fairly risky and new. Her traditional implants, called double lumens, were made of both silicone and saline, and one breast had completely deflated. Luckily, the 20-year-old implants were safely removed without permanently damaging the breast tissue. 

  • One Woman's Breasts Were So Mangled She Had To Duct Tape Them Together

    One Woman's Breasts Were So Mangled She Had To Duct Tape Them Together
    Photo: Botched/E!

    Kailan Wagler got a breast augmentation at age 19 and the surgery lasted all of 15 minutes, which is never a good sign. She was left with breasts that were way too-high and oddly-shaped. After that, she was forced to use duct tape to manipulate them into a "normal" shape. Yes, she duct taped her breast tissue to the implant... and then had to rip off the tape at night. So if you've ever whined about taking off a Band-Aid, think about duct tape on one of the most sensitive areas of your body.

  • Just Say No To Implants In Your Behind

    Just Say No To Implants In Your Behind
    Photo: Botched/E!

    If anyone ever wants to put breast implants in your derriere, just say no. Jana Stoner is proof that this is a very, very bad idea. 

    Jana had the DD implants put into her behind in a surgery done abroad, citing lower costs than doing a proper injections regimen in the US, as well as the fact that the doctors at the time made it seem doable and favorable. But it really hurt her career as well as her pride, and Jana went to the Botched doctors seeking help to get her twerk back. Luckily, Botched doctors were able to help. 

  • Attack Of The Uniboob

    Alicia Jenkins' botched uniboob required two surgeries to fix — one to remove the implants, and another several weeks later to put in new, smaller implants. She had originally gotten the too-large breast implants at the behest of her former doctor after breastfeeding her son left her chest lopsided, but it went completely awry when the oversized weight forced her muscles in on themselves.

    They started fusing together, creating immense pain as well as a deformed-looking single breast. Coupled with other health issues that made healing hard, Alicia had a long road of recovery ahead of her even after the Botched docs set her on the right path.

  • A Model Tried To Feminize Her Face, And Ended Up With Nerves Full Of Silicone

    A Model Tried To Feminize Her Face, And Ended Up With Nerves Full Of Silicone
    Photo: Botched/E!

    Transgender model Shauna Brooks, after having silicone injected just about everywhere to try to soften her features, headed overseas for further cosmetic procedures. This included cheek implants, her cheekbones sawed, and some injections to smooth out her entire appearance. 

    Then, she ended up on Botched, where the doctors warned her against cheap, unregulated plastic procedures. Her black market injections and implants had taken over her face, and the doctors cautioned Shauna that she could have permanent nerve damage if they operated around the silicone. She was still willing to take the risk.